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At Kuppers + Greene orthodontics, we want to make sure you have all the answers you need to be confident in your transformation. Have questions about your first visit, caring for your braces, or what foods to eat? We've got you covered!

Treatment for all ages


Dr. Kuppers and Dr. Greene and team utilize the most current and advanced technologies that provide the most accurate diagnosis available. This enables us to obtain the most consistent, beautiful, smiles possible!

We are an Airway Aware practice

At Kuppers + Greene orthodontics, we believe that no child should snore.

Kuppers + Greene smiles




Dr. Kuppers and Dr. Greene have meticulously studied what makes a smile beautiful and how to achieve that result using multiple methods. Below are a few things that we strive for in every transformation.

Smile Width

A broad, wide smile makes you appear more youthful and provides facial support while you age!

Smile Arc

The upper front teeth should follow the lower lip to create a smile arc. We want everyone to be able to see that beautiful smile your entire life.

Artistic Touch

Artistic detailing to ensure symmetry of both teeth and gingiva. We want you to Live Your Life Smiling™!

Check out our Transformation Library to see how our patients have transformed their smiles through orthodontic treatment!